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From Concept to Reality: The Apple Vision Pro's Promises and Pitfalls

Apple’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro, stands as a bold step into the future of spatial computing, promising to redefine our interaction with digital content. However, like any pioneering technology, it brings both groundbreaking advancements and areas for improvement.

Here, we delve into the pros and cons of the Apple Vision Pro, offering a comprehensive look at what it means for early adopters, content creators, and the general tech enthusiast.

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Pros of Apple Vision Pro

  • Unmatched Comfort: The Vision Pro sets a new standard for headset comfort. Its easily adjustable strap and fabric construction, as opposed to plastic, position it as a wearable device rather than just another gadget.

  • Immersive Experiences: The device excels in delivering spatial video and 3D experiences. Its capabilities in the metaverse and spatial computing promise to evolve, offering a perfect medium to capture and revisit memories as close to the real event as possible.

  • Superior Tracking: The eye and hand tracking functionalities surpass those of other devices, offering an intuitive and seamless interaction that enhances the overall user experience.

  • Crisp Visuals: Apple Vision Pro offers visuals that are sharper and more refined than those found in other headsets like the Quest, setting a new benchmark for clarity and immersion.

  • Intuitive Navigation: The device boasts user-friendly navigation, thanks to Apple’s mastery in UX/UI design, making digital interactions more natural and intuitive.

  • Enhanced Reading and Viewing: It offers a comfortable alternative to traditional desk setups, allowing users to read or watch content in a more relaxed posture.

  • Realistic Passthrough: Equipped with external cameras for capturing the environment and internal ones for eye tracking, it offers a passthrough experience that enhances real-world interaction.

  • Lifelike Facetime: Facetime calls feel more engaging and lifelike, thanks to the immersive capabilities of the headset.

  • Focused Attention: By blurring the periphery of the user’s vision and focusing on where the eye looks, it encourages a more concentrated and present interaction with content.

  • 4K Monitor Compatibility: The ability to connect your Mac for a 4K display experience, albeit limited to one screen at a time, is a significant plus for Mac owners.

Cons of Apple Vision Pro

  • Limited Field of View (FOV): While the FOV can be improved by adjusting the cushion, it still falls short of natural vision, requiring head rotation which may not be as comfortable for all users.

  • Weight Concerns: The device is notably heavier than its counterparts, potentially causing discomfort over time, though accessories like the dual loop band can alleviate some of the weight.

  • Battery Cable Intrusion: The necessity of a battery cable can be cumbersome, even though it’s a compromise for not adding weight directly to the headset.

  • Edge Blurriness: The visual experience can be marred by blurry edges, detracting from the otherwise crisp visuals.

  • Limited App Ecosystem: With only 600 apps available and notable absences like YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify, the content ecosystem feels restricted as of now.

  • Reduced Eye Visibility: Unlike the promo content published by Apple, the visibility of the user’s eyes to outside observers is not there yet, somewhat detracting from the naturalness of personal interaction.


The Apple Vision Pro embodies a visionary step towards integrating sci-fi dream features into our daily lives. It’s a testament to Apple’s commitment to innovation, blending comfort, immersive experiences, and intuitive interactions in a way that’s never been seen before. However, it’s not without its flaws. The device’s weight, limited FOV, and the nascent state of its app ecosystem are points of consideration for potential users. Moreover, its price point positions it as a product primarily for early adopters, content creators, and tech builders rather than the general consumer market.

In essence, the Apple Vision Pro offers a glimpse into the future of Spatial Computing, a future that’s here to stay and evolve. As with any pioneering technology, its full potential will be realized through future iterations and an expanding ecosystem of apps and content. For now, it represents a bold promise and a significant step forward, albeit with room for improvement.


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